Monthly Spotlight: Vickym0n- Makeup Artist, Model, & Instagram SensationVictoria a.k.a. @Vickym0n has the talented makeup artist and modeling skills we all dream of having. From her ghoulish looks, cosplay constructions, and retro recreations, Vicky can take makeup and modeling to a whole new level. Her talents and amazing Instagram posts help to inspire many of Read More


The Best Haunted Houses

Have you ever dreamed of living in a haunted house? Some people aspire to live in one, while others move in unaware of the current residents. Every house has a story, and some are more haunting than others. From well-known places to hidden away spaces, Skinny Bags has gathered some of the best haunted houses Read More


Witchy Eats

Calling all witch foodies! Sometimes it’s hard to pick a restaurant or cafe with the right witchy vibe. Why head to a popular and overcrowded place when you can find an eclectic one in the shadows? Skinny Bags has scoured some wicked cool places for you to grab a bite, enjoy the décor, and travel Read More


Hairstyles We Adore

Hair comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors! We love how inspiring it can be when beauty gurus master the boldest colors and styles only a few of us would dare to tackle. We think it’s time for some hair inspiration and perhaps a little change. After admiring endless Instagram profiles, Skinny Bags has gathered up Read More


Witchy Bedrooms We Love

Everyone has their idea of a dream bedroom. From Pinterest boards to DIY décor, there are so many inspirational room ideas out there! Skinny Bags has hunted down some of the most stylish and witchy bedrooms for you to love too. We even threw in a few decorating tips of our own! Let us know Read More


Vacation like a Witch

Vacation season is at its peak! With all the exciting escapes and foreign destinations to travel to, it’s hard to find places to suit your darker tastes. Witchy wonders are not too hard to find if you know where to look. From hotels to castles and everything in between, we’ve wrapped up some of the Read More


Best Witchy Holiday Outfits

Best Witchy Holiday OutfitsWith the holiday season in full swing, you may feel like you have more events and dinner than any other time of the year. With all these places to go, what on earth are you supposed to wear that still says “holiday” but stays true to your witchy self? Skinny Bags found Read More


Skinny Bags’ Gift Guide: Custom Bags

Skinny Bags’ Gift Guide: Custom BagsWith the holidays right around the corner, gift shopping is at its craziest! Everyone searches for the “perfect gift,” but sometimes the “perfect gift” is nowhere to be found. Customizable gifts are always the best kind because you can tailor and design it almost exactly how you want it to Read More


Styling Skinny Bags for Every Occasion

Sometimes we all need some inspiration for our outfits. Whether you scour Pinterest or Tumblr for new outfits or look to your favorite celeb for style ideas, you still may not find the look you’re going for. Thanks to the awesome website, Polyvore, there are endless outfit ideas that you can find or even make Read More


Skinny Bags: POOL TRADESHOW 2015

POOL TRADESHOW isn’t just any trade show: “It’s the intersection of art, design, and commerce where visionaries of fashion scout fresh new items made specifically for the boutique market.” It’s a private and perfect for getting business done while providing a shopping environment for all sorts of retailers. From well-known to up-and-coming brands, this is Read More


How to Wear Black in the Summer

We love wearing color but let’s be honest: you can’t go wrong with wearing black! It goes with so many items in our closet and looks so chic. The only downfall is how it absorbs heat easily when worn in the sun, and that’s a huge problem if it’s already blazing hot out. We’ve figured Read More


Top 5 Local Brands You’ll Love

Shopping local has major perks: you’re supporting the local economy PLUS finding one-of-a-kind items you’d never find anywhere else! This is especially true when it comes to finding unique accessories and apparel you envision yourself wearing but may be hard to find. Local stores have items you’d never find in department stores or malls. Skinny Read More


7 Beauty Bloggers We Love

The internet is truly a wonderful thing when it comes to seeking tips and tricks for beauty and makeup. The easy access we have to look up makeup tutorials and read product reviews online is convenient and gives us more knowledge than we can imagine on limitless styles and products. Beauty bloggers make our lives Read More


Taking Care of Your Handbag

Handbags go through a lot of wear and tear, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be kept to look their best! Leather should be taken care of so that it maintains its best quality and look over the years. It takes just a few easy steps to keep your bag looking new and preventing (or Read More


Spring 2015 Essentials

Raise your hand if you’re beyond happy that spring is here! The warmer weather, fresh smell of rain, and new fashions have gotten us excited! With a new season come new essentials we all need in our purses, closets, and makeup bags. Skinny Bags has wrapped up the best spring 2015 essentials that will help Read More


February Spotlight: Nathanaelle Couture

February Spotlight: Nathanaelle CoutureMeet the beautiful Nathanaella, the designer & owner of LA-based design house Nathanaella Couture. We recently had a pleasure of collaborating with Nathanaella at the latest Skinny Bags photo shoot. Today we are extremely honored to share her story and talent on our blog. Nathanaelle created her brand in April 2010 when she Read More


Skinny Bags’ Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be celebrated by everyone! You can celebrate with a gift to your significant other, mom, or best friend. It’s not just about lovey-dovey couples, but showing extra appreciation for everyone you love. Got a budget to stick to? We’ve got you covered with a breakdown Read More