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June 11, 2017

Spotlight: Olivia Emily- Product Stylist & Blogger


Olivia Emily had no idea that her blog would grow to impact a large part of her life today. In fact, she says she launched her blog to originally keep track of her outfits, and from there it grew into something much more than a virtual closet.

Hailing from Manchester, England and currently based in London, Olivia Emily has grown her network of friends and experiences in ways she never expected from her blogging. Her posts stand out with her striking long red hair against her dark clothing, vivid photography, and unique personal style. Her outfits are a perfect inspiration for readers to gain new ideas for their next outfit. It’s even easy to find pieces of her outfit because she links them in her posts so you can shop them directly!

As you scroll through her Instagram, the aesthetic is everything you can dream of having! The overcast hues (she is based in England after all), adorable goodies, and the appearance of a cat here and there all tie together to showcase a more personal side of her lifestyle that we can’t get enough of! Below, Olivia Emily looks as though she could take on the world (and the winter weather) with her strikingly stylish black cape coat and pointed toe boots. This look is perfect for a dramatic and stylish look wherever she goes!


Photo courtesy of @oliviaemilyx’s Instagram.

Recently, Olivia Emily was featured on the front cover of LondonEdge magazine, a trade show held this month were alternative fashion has its own event. Olivia Emily and other influencers of trend setting for dark fashion came together to show support for the industry. She rocked a studded choker necklace and corset (which matched Hannah Cunningham’s) as statement accessories with her black ensemble.


Photo courtesy of @londonedge’s Instagram.

We cannot get over how she can take multiple styles and blend them together so well! Below, Olivia Emily pairs an airy burgundy skirt with a lace, bell-sleeved shirt layered under a knit sweater. She mixes up the look with a Mary Wyatt London belt, leather crossbody, and a delicate collared necklace. These pieces can easily be mixed up to create numerous outfits without much effort! She tops off her look with Kat Von D’s eyeshadow palette for a sultry appearance.

Photo courtesy of @oliviaemilyx’s Instagram.

We were super excited to chat and partner with Olivia Emily to get to know details about her life, blog, and see how she styles our Dark Thoughts clutch. With her incredible style, detailed photo shoots, and her awesome advice for succeeding in her field of fashion blogging. Read on for the exclusive interview with style influencer, Olivia Emily!

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1) Why did you decide to become a fashion blogger and what is your favorite thing about it?

I first started blogging as a personal style diary – just a way of documenting my outfits, I never really expected anyone to look at it! I love that through it I’ve been able to meet so many like-minded people and made some true friends, as well as finding new sources of inspiration.


2) Please describe your style in three words.

Obsessed with textures! (and also dark and witchy, haha)

3) What are your top 5 fashion staples that you can’t live without?

My biker jacket, a sheer blouse, platform boots, a studded bag and eyeliner! 

4) What advice can you give to someone who would like to have a successful career in fashion?

Keep positive! Things can be so fast-moving that sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming – surround yourself with like-minded people, keep organized, and keep on going!

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Written by MaryFrances Duggins for Skinny Bags. Follow MaryFrances on Twitter at @maryfrances1128.